6 Questions To Ask A Digital Marketing Expert Candidate

Not every company would prefer to hire a digital marketing expert from within the company, and would interview different candidates to pick out the best one. When interviewing candidates, there are six questions that every interviewee should ask the candidates.

Knowledge About The Industry

The first question that the interviewee should ask the candidate should be about his knowledge of the industry in which the business operates. For example, if it is a branded shoe shop that wants to market its products, then the question should be regarding the main players of the industry and what they are doing in terms of marketing techniques. If the candidate doesnt have any knowledge about the shoe industry, then he wont be as effective in developing a digital marketing strategy for the brand google optimise, as compared to someone who has proper information about it.

If a digital marketer doesnt have proper knowledge and the company decides to still hire them, thinking that they would learn along the way, then that would be a wrong approach. They might take time learning about the industry, and that would give a chance to competitors, to move ahead with the marketing campaign.

Case Studies

A company always asks for references of past employers, to know how their work was handled and to talk to them about the candidates that they have short listed. No matter how well a candidate does in an interview, checking their references should be a priority of the company recruiters.

If a digital marketer takes on a project, then he keeps details of those projects to get work in the future or show his future employer. The examples of past projects are known as case studies, and can be helpful for recruiters to analyze the success and techniques that a digital marketer uses. If a company wants to find a good fit for their organization, then they should definitely ask for case studies.

Price Of A Digital Marketer

Every company wants to get the best return, but they dont want to spend too much in terms of investment. The obvious question to ask from digital marketing candidates would be the price that they charge, as this will help the company make a decision, whether hiring a digital marketer would fit their budget or not. However, if the price that a digital marketer asks for is low, then that could be a signal of low quality work. It is better to compare market prices with what a candidate asks for, and then agree to it.

Optimizing Content

An important question to ask a digital marketer candidate is how they are going to optimize content, or make it better. The key here is to look for specifics, and not rely on assumptions or a conversation without examples. If a digital marketer is not able to give proper examples, of how he optimized content in the past, or how it should be done in the present, then perhaps he lacks the knowledge of doing so.

Linking Strategy

If a digital marketing candidate has experience in digital marketing, then he would have a linking strategy. Linking strategy is an important part of SEO, and it increases the credibility of a website, if other websites link back to the companys website. If the candidate has an effective linking strategy, then it means the candidate knows how to improve Google ranking. It is important to ask about a linking strategy, to know whether they use white text or are in the habit of using spam links. If a candidate uses black hat SEO techniques, then a website is more likely to be penalized by search engines.

Assessment Of The Marketing Campaign

If a candidate knows how to execute a marketing campaign, then he should have knowledge about how to assess it as well. The candidate should have knowledge about using online tools, that can be used to assess if a campaign is yielding any results or not. If a campaign doesnt give a company more followers, customers, sales or revenue, then that campaign isnt working the way it should.

Company recruiters can assess the qualities of a candidate, by interviewing them properly. They can understand how knowledgeable a candidate is, whether he understands the basics of digital marketing, and if he is aware about the latest trends. Company recruiters should have detailed interviews with the candidates that are short listed, before making a decision about who to hire.

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