free Google Tools For Measuring Seo Performance

There are many tools that marketers can use to measure the success of their SEO marketing campaign Buffer It is important to measure the success of a campaign, to see if it is working or not, and if there are things that need to be improved upon.

Google Webmaster

The Google Webmaster tool is available to Chicago SEO expert for website analysis. In these tools, there is a tool called Fetch tool, which helps the user test if Google is able to crawl the web pages of a website, or not. If Googlebot is not able to crawl an important web page of a website, then the SEO expert has to improve on it.

This tool also provides page speed insights, as in whether the website loads quickly on the desktop and on mobile devices or not. If the page doesnt load quickly, then this means videos and pictures have to be compressed. This is the best tool to improve the health of a website.

Google AdWords

This is a keyword tool that helps those marketers who run ads on Googles SERPs and affiliated sites. This provides a marketer with the information, whether a keyword performs well, if a particular keyword receives any volume and if it is competitive or not. This tool is helpful for web content developers as well, as they can find out keywords through it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must use tool to measure the performance and success of SEO. It is a tool that help marketers figure out why a website has gained traffic, or why it has lost traffic. The website manager is able to see which keywords are generating traffic, bounce rate for every web page and the demographics of the visitor. When the website manager gets to know about the demographics of a web page, they are able to gain an insight into their target audience.

Google YouTube Keyword

When companies make videos and upload them on YouTube, they should use optimized keywords, that would show in the YouTube search engine. A video should be optimized in a way, that it ranks well in both Google and YouTube search results, and for this, an SEO expert needs good keywords. This tool helps them find good keywords, through which they can get more exposure for their videos CIO.

Google Suggest

This is a free tool where a copywriter can know about the phrases which users type in most of the time, in Googles search engine found. They get to know about the questions that people are asking frequently, and this gives copywriters an insight into what they should write about. They can pick a keyword and article ideas from Google suggest.

Apart from free tools provided by Google, there are other third-party tools as well, like screaming frog SEO spider, which crawls a website, and provides information about the website on a spreadsheet page.

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