Great Ideas For Choosing Christening Jewellery, Silver And Pewter Gifts

Christening jewellery, silver and pewter gifts are known for their classy and understated elegance, which makes them wonderful gifts for christening ceremonies. These sophisticated presents often stand the test of time, and can still be kept or showcased even as the baby grows up. Bundles of Joy eshop is a recommended shop.

A My First Tooth Trinket Box is a round, silver-plated container that comes in three cute designs: a train, a fairy and a teddy bear. The lid of the trinket box contains the words ‘My First Tooth’ with the bottom text that may be personalised with a maximum of 20 characters, a name, date, or message of choice.

Measuring 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 2 cm, this trinket box is presented in a silk lined ivory box, allowing it to be stored safely or displayed prominently until the tooth fairy makes the first visit. With this present, the child would have something to look forward to, as he grows old enough to lose his first tooth.

The Silver-Plated Teddy Bear Cutlery Set includes a delightful set of knife, fork, and spoon decorated with cute teddy bear and stars designs. The silver-plated cutlery set is housed in a white gift box with the words ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ in elegant script on its lid. The gift box is presented within a white gift bag as well.

A great way to commemorate a baby’s christening while introducing fun and games into his or her life is to give a Personalised Yoyo as a present. The nickel-plated shiny Yoyo, measuring 5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm, can be customised by engraving four lines, each with a maximum of 20 characters, on the front surface of this keepsake. While this present is not intended to be played with all the time, it is still a functional yoyo that would pique the interest of any child.

Forever treasure the baby’s christening day with the Silver-Plated Teddy Bear Certificate Holder! Engraved with the words ‘Birth Certificate’, this silver-plated keepsake is decorated with stars and a teddy bear on each end. Around the middle, the certificate holder is tied neatly with a white satin ribbon. This holder measures 31 cm in length, and is enclosed in a simple white box and a soft gift drawstring bag.

To give the christened baby not one, but rather five gifts, impart the lovely 5 of Life’s Charms In A Pouch. It is a collection of sterling silver charms that signify key ideas in the journey of life. The charms include a Flower, for inspiration; a Key, for empowerment; a Shamrock, for luck; a Heart, for love and friendship; and finally, and Angel, for protection. These charms are explained with an enclosed card, which comes along with the charms inside a lovely pouch. On the pouch, the phrase ‘Life’s Charms’ is on a silver engraved plaque. This pouch is placed inside a cream box with a cream bow.

To ensure a long-lasting and timeless present, it is recommended that christening jewellery, silver and pewter gifts are given to the godchild.

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