How To Get A Patent On Your Own

Do you have a great idea about a new product or invention? Are you looking to hire a patent lawyer before filing for one? Of course, most people prefer to go through the whole process on their own because hiring a lawyer is often very expensive. Here’s what you need to know on how to get a patent without an attorney.

There are thousands of inventors who have successfully applied for patents on their own. As a matter of fact, there is a federal law that requires examiners and researchers to help patent applicants who don’t have legal assistance. If you’re looking for ways on how to get a patent on your own, you need to make sure that your invention qualifies for a patent and also describe completely all the aspects pertaining to your invention.

Steps For Filing A Patent

Using these steps, you can file a patent successfully on your own without ever needing the services of an expensive patent lawyer. After reading through the steps, you will find that no court rooms, no legal research and also no lawyers are needed for you to file a patent.

1. Proper Recording

Keep a careful record of your idea or invention. Make sure you have recorded every process carefully. All the diagrams and aspects should be described carefully. Date and sign each entry and if possible provide two witnesses.

2. Qualification For A Patent

Yes, you might have a new idea or invention worth millions, but not everything can be patented. Therefore, before applying for a patent you need to make sure that your idea qualifies. If there are previous inventions like it, make sure yours is a significant improvement.

3. Commercial Potential

Patent application is a business decision just like any other. There are filing fees and other costs involved that might come up before your patent goes through. Therefore, before applying for a patent, you need to make sure that there is a lot of profit to be accrued from your invention or idea once it’s released into the market. Otherwise, you will waste time and money for a completely worthless invention.

4. Research

Before filing a patent, you need to do lots of research to make sure that your idea is completely new and there are none like it. Go through all the patents filed for other inventions in your niche. You might have to search patents from other countries as well. You can do your research on the internet or visit a patent library for more concrete information. If there are other products similar to yours, you should give a detailed explanation of how your invention improves the existing inventions.

5. File The Patent

Now you can write all the necessary details in the patent application and send it over the internet. Alternatively, you can send the patent application through mail. Make sure that the application contains all the necessary additional documents. Remember, your patent can be denied or approved depending on whether the idea is completely new, useful or non-obvious.

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