Black Star Surf Private Tours-  Gudied Trips on Demand!

Private Black Star Surf Tours

Black Star is now also offering private surf tours! This is an opportunity to see and surf the beautiful coastline of Ghana, Africa with your own private guide.  Many of the best surf spots in Ghana are nearby but we will travel to almost anywhere there is surf. Our experienced and professional surf guides will take you to those exotic and isolated surf spots that you can surf without concern of drop-ins, and other crowd hassles. Non-surfers are also welcome to join us - there is always something to do (or not do if that is your preference)!

Price List for Guided Surf Trips

All tours are for intermeadiate & advanced/pro surfers. Please check with the surf shop on current conditions.

Destination Estimated time (incl. travel time) Cost
Mutrakni Point 5-6 hours € 42
Cape Three Points 6-7 hours € 42
Akwaadi/Black Star Beach 5 hours € 24
Dixcove 4 hours € 12
Butre Rock 4 hours € 24
Takoradi Beach 4 hours € 24
Fort Sebastian 4-5 hours € 24
Elmina 5-6 hours € 30
University 8-9 hours € 42
Mankwaze all day € 60
Fete all day € 60

Please talk with someone in the shop about multi-destination trips or destinations not listed here.

Official Black Star Tour Van

The waves

The Southern Hemisphere swells that hit the Western coastline of Ghana travel great distances to reach our beaches producing some of the cleanest, most orderly waves on earth. The StormRider Guide Volume II notes that the waves in Ghana are consistently head high. This it true, but we also know of places they are consistently bigger. As Ghana is not yet a surfing destination it is marked by hundreds of yet-to-be discovered beach breaks, reef breaks and point-breaks. It is the point-breaks, mostly rights but with an occasional left, that makes Ghana a highly desirable surf adventure destination. The combination of perfect waves, warm water and no crowds, as well as the incredible and limitless experiences of getting off the beaten path and traveling up the coast in a traditional fishing boat, creates the ideal African surf adventure!