Tecademics Ambassador Membership

Tecademics offers an affiliate program around their online marketing college courses. The affiliate program is build around a tiered level structure where they currently have multiple tiers each offering unique products and pricing.

The Ambassador program allows you to join Tecademics as a free member and promote their products as an affiliate. Tecademics pays 40% commissions on all their products but as an affiliate, you have to go through a qualification and certification stage for all products before you make the full 40% commissions.

As a Tecademics Ambassador, you don’t have to own the product yourself to be able to promote it although there are advantages to owning the product yourself. Firstly, when you own the product, you are immediately in a position of authority because you can look the person in the eye and say, I own it and I recommend it. If you cannot afford the product, you can promote it by going through 3 sales of the product before you are qualified and certified. The first sale, acts a your qualification sale. If you purchased the product yourself, that would also count as your qualification sale and you do not get any commission on thsi sale. The next two sales are your certification sales and you will get half the commission for the sale (20%). Once you are qualified and certified, you earn the full 40% commission but on every 5th sale, you get half the commission (20%) as you share the commission with the person that introduced you.

When you join as an ambassador, you immediately get access to free Internet Marketing Training Centre, the ‘online marketing encyclopedia’ as it were where you can access a lathe library of training that Chris Record has produced over the past few years coveraing all aspects of online marketing. These are courses that sold for hundreds even tousands of dollars before. You get access to the training which is world class, teaching you skills that you can use to promote Tecademics on a whole new scale. There is training on all aspects of affiliate marketing, monetizing websites, growing followers on Instagram, multiple tips, tricks and over the shoulder trainings on advertising with Facebook, how to profit in eCommerce with your own online stores (multiple trainings), mindset, getting working capital from Paypal and Facebook, print on demand, creating a following, email marketing, how to sell and sales copy, client work, ranking websites and more.

This may well be the best value I have seen anywhere for a free membership and if one considers the compensation plan from Tecademics which pays up to $15,000 per sale, the best affiliate program available.

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