Tecademics Impact Series

Impact is a beginner and advanced training course for internet marketers of all skill levels and backgrounds costing $2,000. It is an online home study course recorded at 4 live training sessions with a group of lucky students over 4 months. Each event contains a minumum of 6 hours of content. Courseware is delivered by Chris Record himself and focuses on core online marketing principles and training, which also forms the building blocks to the more advanced TEC Week training available as an advanced course.

The Tecademics Impact Series coursework focuses on a broad understanding of the online marketing strategies listed below and then dives into detail delivering strategies that you can apply immediately to earn income.

The main marketing strategies covered
1. Affiliate marketing
2. List building
3. Social media marketing
4. e-Commerce
5. Search engine optimization
6. facebook advertising
7. Online branding
8. Print on demand products
9. Digital deal making
10. Working with outsourcers

As an Impact student, you are at least an activated affiliate for the Impact product which you can promote and make up to $800 in commissions per sale.
You will make at least $400 per sale if you are not certified yet but once you have a total of 2 certified sales (you are already qualified), you will earn the full $800 per sale with the exception of every 5th sale where you share the commission with your upline 50/50. From an affiliate sales perspective, the Impact course probably has the potential to get you the most sales due to it’s price point and great content. I suspect it will be the best seller at Tecademics for affiliates and therefore for Tecademics as this is where most affiliates will focus their attention. The higher priced courses will seem out of reach to many affiliates that lack the confidence to sell high ticket items.

If one looks at the Matching Millions bonus program, you only need approximately 149 sales after qualifying and certification to reach the $100,000 bonus payout within 36 months based on Impact sales only. This does not count any commissions passed up from un-qualified downline’s sales and every 5th sale’s shared commission. It also does not count any commissions from other products that you are certified and qualified for! Also don’t forget, when you reach $100,000 in commissions, you don’t only get a $100,000 bonus, but you also get one entry for every $100,000 in sales in the draw to win the sports car that Chris Record raffles off every 6 months.

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