Tips for Creating Great Website Content

Of all the SEO techniques that you can use to optimize your site, the most important one to implement is having useful content. Good content on your site means that users will have a great experience while visiting it and will want to stay longer. This means that they are more easily converted into customers who are willing to buy your products and services. In addition, Google considers content as one of the major ranking factors in deciding how relevant a website is to a users search and how high it will rank in results pages. Here are some tips on how to generate great content for your website.

Consider what need that your readers have that your content can address. Put yourself in the place of your intended audience and think about what problems they might have. Then write content that addresses these problems. For example, if your website is about online security, you might write about how to keep computers safe from malware and what is the best free security software.

Make the content easy to scan. To enhance the readability of your content, avoid having big blocks of text; break long paragraphs into shorter ones. In addition, add subheadings that will help readers find the topic they are looking for, or use lists and bullet points. You can also consider using images as a way to break up text and make it more scanable.

The text and the background should have contrasting colors. To make your content physically readable, make sure that you choose text and backgrounds that provide a good contrast. For example, if you have a black background, consider using white text or light-colored text to make it readable. Avoid colors that are too close to each other, i.e. red on a black background, since this will be difficult to read.

Use readable fonts. Avoid using fancy fonts with a lot of curlicues and other flourishes. Instead, use fonts that have widely been accepted to be the best for online pages such as San Serif.

Leave white spaces in between paragraphs or blocks of text to highlight particular elements. If you have quotes, for instance, you might want to place white spaces before and after them, to make them stand out.

Make sure that there are no broken internal links. If you are hyperlinking your text to other pages on your site, check to see that every link is active and there are no dead links.

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