Try New Office Furniture

While getting new furnishings for the office can be fun and exciting, it can also mean taking a dip into your company expense. This can be a little hard to do, especially if you are in a start-up business and every penny counts.

So, here is an alternative. Why not have your old stuff refurbished or repurposed? Or, check out used stuff that may be as good as first-hand? The advantage, it costs you less. You get to purchase quality items at probably half its price.
There are shops and online businesses offering second-hand items that are in mint or reusable condition. You just have to be careful and look further till you find the right chair, cabinet or table.

If you have been in the trade for a while and you think that now is not a good time or that it is not even a good idea because your numbers are down, think again. Maybe this is exactly what you need to shake things up a bit in your workplace. Maybe this is a good idea to infuse your staff members with the much-needed inspiration or motivation to get things rolling.

Freshen up your space. When a new item is introduced to your workplace, whether its a sofa fresh from the manufacturers plant with plastic packaging on, or just a repainted chair, it will still create the same impact and add vibrant energy to your office.
Even if the item is second-hand, employees wouldnt mind. Whats important is its newness in their eyes. It will still inspire and motivate people. They will still feel cared for by the boss. It will still translate to excitement and better performance at work.
Environment-friendly. Another reason that should persuade bosses to consider buying second-hand items instead of new ones, other than its low price is its impact to Mother Earth.

Each year, tons and tons of office furniture end up in landfills. What a huge waste! If theres something we should be discarding, it should be this generations throw-away mentality. Just think, instead of ditching an old conference table, it may be repurposed; old cabinets repainted; old couches re-upholstered with latest colors or trendy prints.

Think LEED points. LEED simply means Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a popular green building certification recognized worldwide. A business entity will score points if it adheres to the code of design, construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings.
This movement aims to help building owners become environmentally-responsible and prudent in its use of available resources and creates awareness among people to be efficient in its use of natures wealth and assets in general.

Better for ones health. Apparently, most office furnishings are made of volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are emitted as gases in the air. VOCs are present in many items, not just furniture and may affect ones health adversely.
The newer varieties of furniture are made with higher levels of VOCs and those produced back in the old days have lower concentration of this organic compound.

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