What Do Experts Say About Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way to promote a companys business, and as the industry of digital marketing grows, experts have a lot to say about the things that people do, shouldnt do, and the things that they should execute to make their digital marketing campaign a success.

Marketing The Companys Website

Some marketers might feel that developing a website for a company is unnecessary, and they can do all their promotion with the help of social media accounts. There are also marketers who think that developing a website is enough and it doesnt have to be marketed or promoted; both marketers are wrong. A website is important to make people aware about the background of a company, its history, the people working for it, and the services that the company provides azbigmedia.com/.

There are millions of websites on the internet, and if a marketer thinks that a customer will just stumble on their website, then they are wrong. A website has to be well promoted; it should be mentioned in blogs, on the info section of social media accounts and the emails that people send.

Realistic Expectations

Experts emphasize on the need for having realistic expectations, when it comes to promoting a business online. The top management and the marketers should never expect immediate results from an online campaign, and they must carry out proper research before launching one. They need to assess consumer behavior, the different ways through which clients can be engaged and the appropriate platforms that a marketer should use for business promotion.

Marketing requires effort and investment, and without these two elements if the top management expects results in their favor, then those would be unrealistic expectations. Marketers should always set SMART goals for their digital marketing campaign; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.

Shady Practices

At times, marketers would seek external help to promote their companys website or business. They might get in touch with agencies who offer them instant results, but they need to understand that there is no such thing as instant or guaranteed results within days. Agencies who make such offers use black hat techniques, that are frowned upon by search engines and customers. Such agencies send customer spam emails, just so that customers would notice them. They advertise through pop ads, which customers usually block through ad blockers, as such ads are too annoying.

If marketers do outsource digital marketing activities to such shady agencies, then they are not doing their company a favor, but rather ruining its reputation. For short-term gains, a marketer might ruin the long-term brand image of the company.

The Right Traffic

Experts say that marketers try their best to increase traffic towards a website, whether they have to pay for it, or do it organically. However, what they miss is the fact that all traffic that a website receives, may not be from its target audience. Marketers might pay people to visit a website, so that it gets good traffic, but these visitors wont turn into customers. To make sure that the conversion rate is good, marketers need to attract their target audience towards the website, ask them to take action, so that visitors would result in sales for the company.

Master Of All

Can the marketer who knows SEO, be aware of every other digital marketing technique? It is very less likely that a marketer would know each and everything related to digital marketing, and he cant be an expert in everything. This is why, if a marketer wants to execute SEO techniques, then it is best to consult an SEO expert. If a marketer thinks that he can perform each necessary, digital marketing activity, then he might end up running out of time, neglecting some aspects and getting nothing accomplished in the end.

If the marketers think that they dont need online tools to help them with their digital marketing activities, then they should think again. Marketers should make use of data analysis tool that can be accessed online, for free. There are software which can help marketers automate things, like email marketing, and they are time saving tools.

Poor Budget For Marketing

Digital marketing doesnt mean that companies can market their products for free. Even if they have social media accounts, they cant expect every marketing technique to cost them nothing. If a company doesnt have a website, then they have to pay a website developer, and a webmaster to maintain the website. Every company should set aside a good budget for digital marketing activities, after analyzing their objectives; the budget should be ideal, and take into account paid ads, like Facebook ads and Google ads.

Paid Advertising & SEO

If marketers think that they can cut corners by executing only paid advertising, then they should rethink this notion. A company should implement both paid advertising and SEO techniques, in order to increase exposure. SEO is all about getting a good ranking in SERPs, and paid advertising is making sure that search engines show an ad, when products that are similar to a brand, are searched online. SEO is a long term solution for brand building and awareness, while paid advertising is a quick and short term fix.

Assessment Of The Marketing Campaign

A marketer should always measure the traffic that a website receives, whether the sales of a company have increased after the launch of a digital marketing campaign, and which ads get more reaction from customers than others. If a marketer doesnt carry out analysis of existing marketing campaigns, then this could be a problem. A marketer would never know which pages of a website have to be fixed, which ads are receiving negative reactions from customers and whether the current digital marketing techniques adopted, are working or not.

When marketers analyze digital marketing campaigns, then they get more data regarding consumer behavior and consumer facts, like who visits their website the most and returning customers. This helps them in remarketing efforts.

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