What Is The Importance Of Access Control Systems For Your Business?

Access control systems are an investment that every business has to consider making. After all, you dont want intruders to just be able to walk in and steal from you! Of course, small businesses might be able to get by with basic lock and key systems, but the more valuable your assets are, the greater your need for more advanced security. A combined access control and video surveillance system provides you with a high level of security, since you will not only be able to restrict access, but also monitor who is entering and exiting particular rooms. But even stand-alone systems can help keep your premises secure against unwanted intruders.

Here are some of the reasons to set up an access control system:

It promotes accountability. By restricting access to particular individuals, you’re more easily able to determine who is responsible in case of theft or other incidents. If you have a networked system with CCTV surveillance, you can even see who entered the room at the time of the incident.

It lets you restrict access by former employees. In the past, if you had a valued employee who had been given keys to particular rooms, you would have to trust that they would return them if they left your employ. If they claimed that they lost their keys, you would have no choice but to change the locks on the doors in order to maintain security.

With a networked system, however, you can simply issue employees key cards that they swipe into card readers when they enter a room. When they are no longer your employees, you can simply deactivate their key cards in the system so that they cant use them anymore.

It lets you create an audit trail. With an access control system, you have an accurate record of when the employee is entering or exiting your premises. This helps you resolve employee issues such as habitual tardiness or leaving work early.

It lets you schedule access. If you have employees or third party contractors who are only supposed to be on the premises at a certain time and date, you can issue them key cards that will only allow them to enter at those times. You can also allow them to enter the main offices, but restrict their access to particular areas.

It reduces the possibility of accidents and theft. You can restrict access to supply rooms only to certain trusted employees in order to minimize the risk of theft. You can also allow only qualified employees to enter rooms with hazardous equipment or chemicals.

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