15 Enjoyable Team Building Recommendations

Team Building is always one of the most enjoyable events to attend. It is an activity wherein a team will have a better working relationship. It should never be a boring activity. Make sure to plan games that everyone will definitely enjoy. With this, below are some suggestions for fun team building games.

1. The Birthday Line-up

This game requires the knowledge of each member’s birthday. Each member should attempt to arrange themselves according to the date of their birthdays without talking. This is surely one of the most suggested fun team building activities for your team.

2. Group Juggle

The two teams will throw juggling balls to one another. More balls will be added in the entire game. More pressure as it progresses. The team needs to work at their best for them to win. They need to focus on memorizing each team members name.

3. The Human Knot

In this fun work team building activity, team members should be intertwined by using their hands. They should form a knot and should work on untangling themselves. The chain should not be broken in order for them to win. Cooperation is developed during this game.

4. Flexibility Test

Known as the awareness of reflexive tendencies test, this will absolutely test how flexible your team is. Pressure will be added to the game and this will show how the team can resolve the problem.

5. Lego Man

Legos has long been an all-time favorite. The team will be divided into two. Then each team should imitate a model or structure using Legos. The team should cooperate in giving the proposed model to one another. The winner shall be the team that has created the closest look. So this is no doubt one of the most fun team building activities for your office!

6. Make Bikes for Those in Need

One of those fun team building activities that has a great impact on society. With this game, you can teach children while building or repairing bicycles. This will show your team members that every problem in life has its resolution. Every failure is an opportunity for a better future. Click the video below to learn more:

7. Egg Drop

Its a bit of a messy game in which teams will drop egg packages and will try to catch them. They will use plastic, bottles, and clothes. It will test the teams patience and their presence of mind. Things will be completed efficiently with focus and presence of mind.

8. Have a Fun Board Meeting

The goal of the game is to reminisce back to your high school days. Gather your art material and have a fun and creative board meeting. This will surely be a fun activity that all members will enjoy.

9. Fly in the Glass

A wine glass has to be crafted by using sticks, but it should have a fly inside. Both teams will try to recreate the glassminus the fly inside, by trying to move two sticks. Your team will need a lot of concentration in order to win.

10. Photo Finish

The team is tasked to cross a line at the same time. All the members should go together. If they will not do it as expected, then they need to start again. This is a game that will test the patience of the whole team.

11. Win, Lose, Draw

There will be a list given and each member should try to draw it. The team who has the most number of correct answers will be declared as winner.

12. Build Prosthetic Hands

From the name itself, the team will build prosthetic hands. This is a volunteer activity because it allows your team to give back to society.

13. The Mine Field

One of the members of the pair shall be blindfolded. The other will be the guide. They are tasked to navigate through a mine field filled with obstacles such as balls, cones, or bottles. This will test teamwork between colleagues.

14. Build Playhouses

This involves building playhouses for children. It is an activity that can make children happy because they all love playhouses.

15. Poker Tower

Poker cards will be distributed to the team. They are advised to create the tallest poker tower possible. Whoever shall create the tallest will be the winner.

Have a great time with these fun and worthwhile team building activities. For more ideas, dont forget to visit www.odysseyteams.com!


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