5 Reasons Why Keywords Are Important In Seo

Keywords are those words that define the kind of content that a brand uploads on its website. They are words and phrases which users enter into the search engine, and in technical terms, are known as search queries. Keywords are not only used in the content of an article, but also in the title of a page, URL, meta tags, image file tags and anchor text Web Confs.

There are short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are only one to three words, while long tail keywords are more specific, and longer than three words. Keywords are an integral part of SEO, because of the five main roles that they play.

Makes The Content Visible

When an SEO GUYS copywriter writes articles or blogs, he uses the keywords that users use when they search for a brands products or services. However, if the relevant keywords are not used in articles, then the user wont be able to find the brands website, and that would mean less traffic to the website.

Conversion Rate

When a user finds a website helpful, with the help of keywords, then he would continue to visit the website. If it is an eCommerce website, then there are more chances of the visitor converting into a customer. The key here is to write relevant content, using relevant keywords, so that the user can find the content, engage with it and then become a customer.

Consumer Behavior

When SEO experts carry out keyword research, they get to know about consumer behavior Shout-Me-Loud. They gain an insight into what the user types in when he is looking for a product, and which keywords should be used in order to improve the consumer experience and gain more visibility. This way, the brand will also get to know what is important for their users, and they will be able to assess current trends and do better than their competitors.

Content Intent

Keywords are used in meta titles, meta description, URL and content Neil-Patel. The reason why keywords are used in so many places is because when Google bot is crawling websites, to index them, keywords make it easier for the bot to understand the nature of the website. If the content doesnt have appropriate keywords, then the bot wont be able to understand what the website is about, and it will take longer for the website to be indexed.

User Experience

When a user wants to know more about a product or service, he types the keyword that is closest to the product, like the name of the product or the nature of the product. If the same keywords are not used by a brand, then the user would feel convenient going to a website that uses those keywords. There are complicated and long words that users dont want to type in a search query, which is why using keywords is important.

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