Best Practices For Finding A Small Business Bookkeeping Professional

If you are considering outsourcing your bookkeeping needs to an off-site professional, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the experience is as easy and seamless as possible. Many professionals and companies that specialize in bookkeeping can now be found online, which makes connecting immediately a possibility.

However, it can be easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when finding contractors online, so you’ll want to be sure to follow some best practices for success.

First of all, going with a large company that specializes in outsourcing work to individual contractors can be the best way to make sure you are getting what you pay for. These companies thoroughly examine their contractors, and make sure that work histories and education check out. They’ll also typically secure your payment by guaranteeing that various finance professionals have checked the work you receive.

If you decide to go with an individual contractor, you’ll likely have to do a lot of the legwork checking out your applicant by yourself. This may entail calling references, checking resumes, and interviewing. You should treat your potential bookkeeper in the same way you would consider hiring an employee. Keep in mind that this professional will be handling the intricacies of your day to day finances, so making sure you meet them in person or virtually can help you feel more secure in your investment.

Another thing to keep in mind is making sure that your contractor’s bills are paid in a timely manner. Remember, he or she will have a general idea for your accounts so excuses like “I don’t have it right now” likely won’t benefit you. If you choose not to work with a company that provides outsourced labor, you’ll have to make sure that paying your contractor according to the necessary guidelines is done regularly and on time. That’s why many small businesses prefer working with a company, to save time and energy in the long run of having to keep track of the contractor’s activity.

As with finding any product or service, do your research so you have an idea of what the typical rate is for the type of work you need done, and make sure that the companies or professionals you are considering are appropriately credentialed and accessible. These days there are plenty of review sites that can help you make sure you are hiring a recommended professional.

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