Calgary Furnace (tips For Maintaining Furnaces)

Every Calgary furnace manufacturer and heating contractors in Calgary would recommend that your home furnace should be checked and maintained by a qualified and licensed HVAC technician to schedule proper maintenance that home owners does not know.

This short article will elaborate on some tips that home owner can do to prevent any likely faults through-out the winter season. If the type of furnace the home owner is having is the natural or propane gas, serious caution must be taken to avoid hazard. Remember to always have the power and gas shut off before doing anything on your natural furnace. Any tests that should be taken while running should handled by the licensed heating specialist.

The first that is apparent in the maintenance of the furnace is the replacement of filters. There are many types of filters, but a quality pleated type filter is the best. It is advisable to check manufacturers specification before deciding the type of filter to choose. Replacement of the filter depends on the time, the atmosphere and the quality of filter. Filter should be inspected monthly so as to avoid clogging.
Drain trap and drain hose are some of the components that all high efficiency furnace must possess. The only reason while furnace will generate enough heat is blockage in the drain system. To avoid blockages, remove and clean drain trap and blow out the drain lines. There are some solutions made that can be pour through the drain lines and restrict condensate flow.

The next step is to check the intake and exhaust furnace pipes outside the indoor to be sure that there are no things that can be obstacle to it. Regularly remove the pipes to check if there are things that could cause blockage in it. This blockage could cause the heating system to have low efficiency.

Never forget to check wire connections on the furnace for either being lose or shorted. Check factory plugs and connections to be very sure that they are securely plugged and connected. If you are familiar with vacuum-out, do this inside the burner and bower sections to prevent dirt getting into the blower motor and burners. Oiling the blower motor should be left for the licensed technician.
Inspecting heat exchanger and cleaning the burners is what only the licensed heating technician should do. It is the job responsibility to also check flame sensor and to check safeties such as limit controls and pressure switches.
There are little home owners can handle on heating system such as furnace, but whenever licensed heating technician is available home owners should ask as many questions as possible regarding its appliance so as to education oneself. Educating yourself about your furnace will safe you some problems later in the future.

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