Conducting A Digital Marketing Audit

An audit of digital marketing is important for marketers to conduct, because it tells them about how their website and other social media profiles are doing, and what they can do more in order to optimize their marketing strategy. There are different things that a marketer does, in order to conduct a digital marketing audit Brafton.

Brand Awareness

The first thing that a marketer would check is brand awareness of customers. Marketers can assess this by checking if their brand is mentioned somewhere on the internet and in what context is it mentioned. Secondly, the marketer would check the reviews of the brand; are reviews mostly negative mostly positive or not many customers have reviewed their brand. Thirdly, the marketer would check customer ratings; if the company has an app on Google Store, then they can check how many stars the app gets, and what the common reviews about the app are.


One of the tools of digital marketing is search engine optimization, which is why a marketer should check the effectiveness of SEO. He should check if the website of the company is receiving an organic ranking, the click-through rates and the conversion rate. The conversion rate should be especially analyzed, because it will tell the marketer whether if the content on the website can convince the customer to buy their products and services. Also go to this article SEO Digital Marketing Company.

Website Of The Company

When it comes to auditing the website of the company, the first thing that the marketer should test, is the speed of the page iron paper. There are different tools through which the speed of loading can be tested, and it is important to test it, as it impacts the user experience. Moreover, if a website doesnt load quick or doesnt have a proper structure, then it wont be indexed properly either. Secondly, the marketer should check if the website is indexed in Google index or not, or else, it wont appear in search engine results.

Social Media Analysis

Nowadays, social media is every companys part of digital marketing, and companies use more than one social media platforms. An auditor has to check here, whether the company has been able to engage with customers online and if their presence on social media platform has benefited the business in some way. An important thing that an auditor would check here is the industry influence that a company can make with the help of social media platforms.

Analysis Of Offline Platforms

Auditors should check the impact that a business makes through its offline sources. For example, business referrals, press coverage and trade show connections. If there is a persuasive speaker in the company, then he can arrange for speaking engagements, talking about the value of his products and services in modern times.

Competitor Audit

An auditor would analyze the competitor of the company, by assessing their market share, organic position, how far their brand reaches and perception of the customer Big-Drop-Inc.

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