Do-it-yourself Seo Tips

We all know how much cost is involved in the SEO process. It can be roughly around 750$ to 1500$ per month. Not all businesses can afford such a massive cost on their digital marketing strategy. But, should you completely ignore SEO process? Absolutely not, it is too important for any business/industry to let go of its digital marketing strategy in the current modern era. Remember, SEO is not a very difficult process if you can understand how its done. Its not a rocket science, but at the same time it requires a lot of patience, time and you need to get your innovative side active.

Ways To Implement SEO On Your Own/Do-It-Yourself

As I have mentioned above SEO choosing a company can be a slow process but surely with long term benefits. Following are a few points helpful tips if you are looking to kick off with your SEO process on your own.

Have A Look At Your Website As A Visitor

The first and the most basic thing are the structure and layout of your website. Browse your website as a visitor; is the layout and structure perfect? Browse other websites relating to your industry and generate new ideas, come up with something unique and attractive for your website.

Setting The Right Page Titles

Open a page on your website, just check at the top of your browser you will notice the page title. Your page is shown in search results by its page title/title tags. So make it descriptive, short and compelling.

Choosing The Right Keywords

Keywords are the most basic ingredient in the whole SEO process. You might know the best keywords suiting your products but that doesnt necessarily mean it is the best in terms of SEO process. Research on current search trends regarding your products and find the best keywords. Avoid stuffing your website with too many keywords as it can have a negative impact on your website screening by Search Engines.

Optimizing Your Website For Mobile Users

With the ever increasing facilitation of internet for mobile users, expect a lot of searches routed by search engines through mobile. Make sure your website have a fully optimized mobile version.

Adding The Right Tags

Apart from the usual text on your website, search engines also include the ALT tags used in images and videos as a mean to locate the searched keywords. So always try to have the right ALT tags added to your videos and images.

The Content Quality And Update

Stay updated with your industry and make sure the quality of the content on your website is impeccable. Keep updating your website content according to the trends. Write up an article per month as CEO of your company, it can be very compelling for visitors.

Link Building

Link building is a very important factor in your SEO rankings. Link building is the process through which you share the links of your pages on other relevant websites. Use your PR; build your reputation on notable and relevant websites. Ask them to share your pages on their websites.

Keep A Check On Your Progress

Try different ways and keep an eye on the traffic of your website. Check your progress on regular basis. This will help you understand the best possible course for your SEO process.
The above tips are helpful keeping in mind the current SEO trends but keep yourself updated through different SEO blogs for better planning and course of action.

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