Factors That Influence Your Website’s Google Ranking

Product Reviews Blog author shares tips on the factors that influence website’s rank.

The emergence of search engine services some decades ago has created such a huge demand in the whole world that people now can’t even imagine how to live their daily life without using the search engines for information. Let us say you bought a new TV set and don’t have much time to go through the manual. What is the first thing you do if you find out the scree has blacked out? Yeah, you most probably go to the Internet and search for your TV’s brand name FAQ. Every day life in has now been changed for good as information is few clicks away and that is mainly due to the search engine services.

So, these great information providers, the search engines, give use information relying on millions of websites in the world wide web. They have developed a complex algorithm to sift out the most relevant websites for a specific keyword or phrase. This created such a huge battle among website owners to let their site be chosen by the search engines as the best preferred information source. Once the search engines rank a website and put it on the first page for a specific term, then it is a sure way to drive free targeted traffic to the website.

Now, if this is a great proposition for website owners to be ranked on the first page of Google, we then have to know what are the factors that influence the bots to label a site ârelevantâ. The first thing that we have to make sure our site should have is a well structured and optimised template. Almost every website on the net has its own theme and purpose. If we are asked about what our website is about, we have to specifically say what it is for. So, defining the website and giving it such a title and description is one of the most determining factors.
There are heaps of websites that don’t have a determined theme. You can’t predict what to find when you come to such a website. That is a huge factor for not ranking in the search engines. People do this thinking that if they target all the keywords that come to their attention, they are going to maximise their potential of ranking for different keywords. Though the concept looks great, it doesn’t work as the search engines couldn’t find any specific theme in the site.

The other factor is making sure our website is easy to navigate and links are well structured. A good website design comes to our help here. It is not about being elegant in features, it is mostly being easy for users to navigate through. Once we are sure the website is easy to go through and come back to the home-page, it is more or less a well designed website.

Yet another factor that determines our website’s ranking is its speed. Websites have their own time to load on users’ browsers. Browser speed could be determined by how fast the Internet connection is at the user side. But in a time like ours where high-speed Internet connection is common, there is no use blaming users’ connection speed for our failure in maintaining a fast website.

We can check the speed of our website through Google’s âSpeed Insightâ and see what is suggested. The website must be fast enough that users wouldn’t face any problem while coming to visit. If the website is too slow to load and takes much time to go to another page, users just click the âBackâ button and go away. Thus, there is a huge demand for websites to be as fast as they can so that they can accommodate users’ expectations.

If we try our best to make sire these factors are right and our website is well optimised, there is a huge chance that it will rank on the first page of the search engines to get free targeted traffic.

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