How To Put Together A Webinar Presentation

A webinar, short for a web based seminar, is an e-learning platform that has taken the online community by storm. To some extent, it serves as a veritable alternative for the in-person seminars everyone is used to attending. Prior to webinars, trying to put together an international conference entailed various operational and logistic dilemmas.

Nowadays, many companies and entrepreneurs benefit immensely from utilizing this virtual stage to conduct seminars that reach a wider audience. The expenses associated with producing and attending webinars is only a fraction of the cost required for a physically event.

From a marketing standpoint, it is an evergreen product that can be used repeatedly. It offers greater promotional mileage for any business as it can be accessed repeatedly even after the event.

In addition, it enables audiences from various parts of the globe to register and take part without leaving their country. These are opportunities for learning that they would have passed up if it were a traditional event. Since their attendance would be difficult due to concerns regarding schedules and finances.

How to Make Webinars Successful

Planning is essential in setting up any type of event. This is also true for webinar presentations. It is important to create a schedule that will outline the flow of the webinar. This should take into account the timetable for production as well as the event itself.

If you hired speakers for the webinar, make sure to discuss the topics with them in advance. Also, issue a deadline for them to submit materials that will need to be incorporated into visual aids for the event.

Keep in mind that you are presenting on a dynamic platform that will likely be attended by a global audience. Hence your presentation should be engaging in order to get your message across, loud and clear.

Though it is a virtual medium, the preparations required for a webinar are critical to ensure its success. Bear in mind that an online audience can be fickle and not many are comfortable with online learning. The chances are they would lose interest midway through your presentation.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to get your subject matter and information organized. For extensive topics, break it down into small sections of data that can easily be consumed. Allocate a break of 30 minutes or less between sections to give your audience a chance to assimilate the information.

Prior to the day of the event, it would be a good idea to do a dress rehearsal involving everyone. This can help pinpoint possible issues or concerns that should be addressed early on to minimize problems during show time.

It is also the opportune time for participants to get to know one another and their respective roles. This is also essential to identify the go to person for questions that may arise during the webinar.

Take this time to show the participants the correct usage and features of the webinar tool. Most tools provide a compatibility test that lets users check if it will work on their respective computers.

This should be done by your presenters prior to the event. Oftentimes, it can be awkward to ask a presenter to do this. However, a gentle reminder can make a huge difference for your peace of mind.

Review the schedule to make sure that the event flows without a hitch. Check the presentation to make sure slides and visuals are in the proper order. During the dry run, load the presentation into the conference tool. This will give your presenters an idea of how their audience will view the presentation. At the same time, any quick changes that need to be made can be remedied beforehand.

Double check your equipment for the webinar. Make sure to use the appropriate headsets. Avoid using a speakerphone as it will pick up on even the minutest background noise that your audience will definitely hear. Keep a power cord close by in case the laptop battery dies before the end of the webinar. If you are not set up for a wireless connection, be sure to have a network cable readily available.

For best results and to ensure your webinar event is a success, use the service of a reputable webinar provider such as gotowebinar or webinarjam studio

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