Leadership & Advocacy For Professional Women

Join us! We choose to make a positive difference in the world for all professional women.

Nothing is more talked about in many industry sectors at this time than women and leadership. In an
attempt to improve dismal statistics, my companys clientslike others in the industrywanted to turn
the tide and give more women the opportunity to move into leadership roles. But all the suggestions,
theories, and roadmaps for success have totally overlooked this one critical issue: women
understanding and being able to articulate their value and market relevance as an authentic leader.

In effect, this issue, which goes far beyond negotiation skills and communication, has been swept under
the rug. Why? Because dealing with it makes many people uncomfortable and some even downright
angry. However, without addressing it, no one will make progress.

Thus, were on a mission to kill judgments and biases so all women can authentically step into their
earned value, own their place within a companys long-term strategy and be recognized as a leader in
their current role or position. We hope it will serve to be a backbone to removing gender as a decision-
making process in business, and truthfully eliminate any discussion or negative action about it in

Our goal and purpose is threefold.

* The first is to support all professional women. No longer is it acceptable for women to shortcut
their earning power and not be able to negotiate without compromising their life principles.

* Second, we strive to create a safe arena for all organizations to dialogue about, provide
monetary support for, and address the issue of women in business. Our aim to gain direct and
indirect sponsorships from men and women in positions of power and authority to move this
issue from gender based to business based.

* Third, we encourage people to address this situation now before it becomes cemented for
further generations of leaders to come.

My team and I have accepted the challenge to change the thinking and actions of professional women.
That includes others perceptions of women in the marketplace. Our actions honor all of the
magnificent women in the workforce todaywhether in leadership roles as an individual contributor,
cross-functionally with influence and no authority, or those who lead organizations from an executive

Lets align our thinking and leadership development initiatives and support all of those who have and
have not felt supported regarding their earning power and ability to own it. This is a call to action join

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