Marketing Tips And Strategies You’ve Probably Never Heard

One way to succeed in business is by studying consumer behavior and decision-making. What you do in connection with this is to constantly update yourself about consumer psychological research.

This way you’ll get to know how certain consumer behavior can be encouraged.

What do we know so far? Here are some ideas to start with.

The mind is prone to be impulsive

Data shows that people are prone to making impulsive purchases. Take advantage of that tendency. How? When you advertise your products and services, always include a call-to-action phrase such as buy now, try it or subscribe. Always create that sense of urgency among buyers.

Images influence the brain faster than words

Pictures are the greatest of influencers among buyers, and the brain processes images faster than words. No wonder there are advertisements that use hardly any words in the presentation.

Moreover, research has also shown that people think using pictures in their mind.

So make use of powerful visuals. The visuals that you have on your website can be the gauge of how your visitors will respond to your invitation.

There’s something in the color blue

The color blue is closely associated with people’s image of trust. But there are social dimensions to consider. In America, people equate white with purity, so most wedding dresses use white fabric.

On the other hand, white is associated with death in the Chinese culture. In China, red is the color for luck. No wonder it’s commonplace for Chinese to use red in their weddings.

The power of making them say yes

You ought to have the skill of making people grant your request. If you can make a person take some time off during their day to browse through your catalogue, then there’s a good chance that this same person will say yes to an invitation to come some other time to see the actual products.

How you label your customers, that’s how they’re going to respond

People see themselves through the eyes of others. What does this mean when it comes to your business? Well, this means that your perceptions and expectations of your customers are all crucial to the construction of their behavioral inclinations. They will act according to your belief of how they will act.

So always have a positive mindset about your customers and how they form images of you and your products. The more positive your perceptions are, the more likely customers will buy your products. Always pay attention to the image your project to your existing clientele and the market you’re targeting. It influences their attitude towards business as well.

If you found the above helpful, then make sure to visit this page for more information about marketing advice.

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