Some Offline Marketing Campaigns – Two Time Tested Strategies

Its good that youre considering incorporating offline marketing in your campaign. In some ways, its more targeted than its online counterpart. Success, however, depends on a number of factors:

Creativity. Sit down and do careful planning. The goal is to stand out without depleting your resources.

Call to Action. Your campaign should induce people to take action and buy your products or avail of your service/s.

Cost-effectiveness. Balance expense and returns. You may need to connect your offline campaign to online channels to keep expenditures low.

Target-driven. Hopefully, you dont just buy leads and send materials to people you know nothing about. Purge your list, and localize your campaign for less expense and higher response rates.

When youre ready, launch your campaign. As soon as you have a significant amount of data, evaluate it. If the response to the campaign is low, be ready to modify it or try something else. The two offline strategies below are among those that have stood the test of time.

Business Cards

Handing out and receiving business cards are profitable for two reasons:

You can use your business card to specifically target people whom you know may benefit from using your products and services. Show your interest in the other person by asking for his card as well, and dont forget to make the first call.

Business cards are very personal items, so the moment you give a business card to someone, it tells him that you want to start a relationship with him, or just want to get to know him better. You can establish strong ties in the long run.

Business cards that you receive should not be just piled into your wallet, never to be retrieved again. Keep on calling people who own those cards if reminding them of your existence can do your business good.

Direct Mail

They say that letters, flyers, brochures and the like go to the waste basket. Yes, thats true, but only up to a point. If you can be creative, personal, and impressionable, your marketing materials wont suffer the same fate. In addition, you can make people take action with your printed materials by:

Offering value. Discounts and free tickets make people take a second look at printed materials. Everyone just needs to have a little more to return to the pocket nowadays.

Being memorable. To be unforgettable in the minds of your customers is your goal.

Make the impression long-lasting. Key factors to consider are keywords and phrases, graphics, colors, and fonts. If youre just a beginner at creating promotional mail, hire a reliable printing service that can guide you a bit more regarding what you can do to make your mail more effective.

Being personal. Some people just like to know others are taking time to get to know them better. You might just have to pamper some of them with personalized invitations and free offerings.

Offline campaigns require that you be visible to people, and ready to explain to them why you deserve their attention and money. Therefore, always have valuable ideas to share.

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