Rigid Seo Laws And Rules For Dominating Google Search

The use of the internet is the mainstream platform to carry out any search. Almost all of us know how to search for the required material, and we use smartphones, laptops and tablets to do that. But there are not many people who know how to dominate Google search and appear as one of the top results. There are various tutorials for SEO if you look them up online, but indeed SEO narrows down to a few essential components. If the tutorials you have read up till now havent mentioned the importance of Trust, then it is not teaching you about the basics of SEO click here.

The significance of Trust

In our everyday life, we know how vital Trust is. It is the brick any relationship builds on. So you must be wondering why Trust is valuable for SEO strategy. Well, it is everything. Dont waste your time in learning shady SEO tricks and instead build Trust. Google is updating and changing its rules with each passing day and chances of being successful by taking shortcuts isnt possible anymore.

How to earn Trust of Google

Indexed age

In real life relationships, if someone is righteous and doesnt do anything wrong to you, your Trust in them increases. The same is the case with Google. The longer you will stay upright and honest, the more Google will trust you.


The quality content helps you a great deal in winning Google over. If you provide quality content and the reader well receives your Content, you will rank higher. Try your hardest to create unique and quality content, and you would be able to dominate search engines quickly.

Laws to dominate Google Search

Fast website speed

Various factors can help you rank higher on Google, and the fast loading speed is one of them. Make sure that your website loads in a few seconds. The fast loading speed should not just be for local areas; it should be the same for the entire world. Here are some tips to achieve that.

There is a tool Google speed page which can help you determine the speed of the web pages. You can follow the instructions provided in the results report to fix any error.
Execute a content delivery network. It will help your web pages to load quickly all over the globe.

Google AMP is the best for the increase of web page loading in mobile versions of your website.

Good User Experience

Google gives value to User experience a lot. They have been doing that for a long time, and it is not something new. The adjustments made in Google algorithms indicate that Google encourages providing users with the best experience.

Here are a few tricks to provide the users with the best experience.

Dont overly use ads on your website

Pay extra attention to the navigation of your site and make it comfortable enough for the user to get to their desired page.

The authority of the Domain

The domain authority of a website is one of the essential factors for the success of a website ranking on Google. The domain authority takes time to build up. It is not about the number of links, but the quality of those links is the crucial thing to watch out for.

Content Quality

The quality matters a lot to Google and other search engines. Your Content should be free from grammar errors and should be well constructed. The Content should have quality and should not just be vaguely written for the sake of stuffing keywords in it. The Content should be unique and plagiarism free.

The length of the Content

It is highly recommended to create Content of at least 2000 words. Create Content that the users get engrossed in and have a deep interest in consuming. If you have a high domain authority, you might be able to survive on a short length data, but with a weak domain and a short length Content your website stands no chance to rank high. If your Content is lengthy and you already have a high domain authority you have won yourself a golden ticket.

The more extended length data can deliver the topic more explicitly, and it also gets shared to different other sites that increase the domain authority of the website. The websites that are ranked number 1 on Google search most of the times have 2000 plus words data.

Focus Keywords

Keywords are the most critical factor to help you rank high. The content you publish on your website must be focused on a keyword that Google recognizes. But it should not look like it is forcibly used in the Content. The overuse of the keyword could spoil the quality of the Content, which could become a demerit. Try to use the keyword as naturally as possible. Make use of the keywords in the title and Meta description. The use of the keyword in the canonical URL can also do wonders for you.

The Use of Multimedia

Written Content is always valuable, but video content gives out your desired message in a split second. It is a faster method to provide details about your brand or services. Google is making changes to comprehend video, images and audio messages in a better way. Make sure to put a suitable and attractive image that matches well with your Content. The combination of audio and video can provide the best and most effective results for you. Dont just offer written Content add attractive multimedia to your Content, and there is no stopping you from achieving a high rank on Google.

Mobile Version of your Website

With the emergence and popularity of Smartphones, mobile are the leading gadgets for using the internet. Most searches are done on mobile by users these days. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices, then you are probably wasting your time and money on SEO. You need to build a well responsive website. It should load in seconds on both mobile and desktop. While developing your website, choose a theme thats easily accessible on mobile devices.

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