Seo Guide For Non Marketers

Not everyone who starts a business would know about the technical concepts of SEO. Young entrepreneurs would want to do things on their own, considering they dont have a large capital or finance, when they start a new business. Learning SEO for non marketers isnt easy, but it is not impossible either. There are concepts, which are simple and applicable, and which every beginner entrepreneur and non marketer should read about.

Four Important Concepts

Before making sense of the each and every concept of Miami SEO –, there are four things that every non marketer should know about SEO, and i.e. the objectives of SEO:

To increase the search volume, by using appropriate keywords

To be visible in search engine results

To increase the number of times a user clicks on the displayed list, which is known as the click-through rate

To increase the conversion rate, which means turning a visitor into a subscriber by encouraging them to sign up on the website or better, turn them into a customer

Title Tag

A title tag, in simpler words, is like a heading of a web page or a website. The title tag of a web page should be about 70 characters, and must inform the search engine, what the web page is about and the nature of business. A title tag is placed in tags, which are located near the HTML code of a web page. For example, if it is a web page displaying shoes, then the title tag could be sports shoes.

Meta Description

It might be difficult for non marketers to understand the word meta; however, it is easy when the word description is next to it. A meta description is like a summary of a web page or a website, and it is enough to provide insight into a page; it is developed for both the user and the search engines. A Meta description is made of keywords, as they help in ranking in SERPs. Even if the meta description is more for search engines, they should be written with user intent in mind.

Image Name

When a webmaster adds images on a website, he should not leave those images, unnamed. Writing proper image names would help optimize them for search engines; search engines would be able to discover those images, and with the help of image names, know what they are about.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the number of users that visit a website, due to fair techniques. For example, if a user visits a website because of an external link, then that would be organic traffic. Organic traffic is very important for a brand, because it helps increase conversion rate, customers, sales and revenues.

Internal Links

To better understand internal links, non marketers should take a tour of Wikipedia. When Wikipedia writes an article, it adds several internal links in it; there are words that are colored blue, and a have an arrow on top of them and when the user clicks on the arrow, they are taken to another web page of Wikipedia, where they can get more information. If a website forms internal links, then users would be able to navigate the whole site, and the more web pages would receive organic traffic.

Content Creation

When it comes to SEO, non marketers should understand that content creation is a little different. In order to write good quality content, that would appear in search engine results, the content should contain keywords. A non marketer should first carry out a keyword research, and that he can do by simply going to Google search engine, typing the first word of the product that the non marketer wants to sell, and then looking at the suggestions that Google gives to users.

The non marketer can carry out a keyword research through Google keyword planner also; however, this might be a bit tricky for beginners. If they want to address the queries of customers, then they can visit places like Quora and Reddit. The content posted on different platforms, like blogs, articles and tutorials, should be of quality and must be developed with the intention of helping users.

Mobile Friendly Website

People use smart phones nowadays to open websites; if a website doesnt work on a smart phone, then it would receive less traffic as compared to those which do open. A webmaster should always check if a website is mobile friendly or not, and they can do this by availing a free tool called Google Search Console.

Page Speed

A website should always open without making a user wait for too long. If a website has good page speed, then the user experience will be good as well. In SEO, page speed of web pages can be found through free tools online like, Google Page Speed Insights and GT Metrix. If the page speed is low, then a webmaster should compress images, and leverage browser caching.

Google Analytics

SEO beginners would want to know if their SEO efforts are working or not. For this purpose, they can use Google Analytics, and learn more about the people that visit their website, the most commonly used keywords and whether the goals that the marketer set beforehand, are being met or not. If a keyword isnt receiving much attention, then another keyword research should be conducted, which seems to be more effective.

Content & Keywords

Content is the king in SEO, and the right keyword use is what makes an SEO marketing campaign, a success. Non marketers should know fully about the industry in which they operate, about their customers, target audience, and their queries. In order to develop quality content, using appropriate keywords and writing relevant content is a must. A non marketer wont be able to produce creative content, if he doesnt know about his own products or the industry related to his field. Knowledge, skills and abilities are a must in SEO.

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