This Is Why You Need A White Card In Wa

While most people complete white card training as fulfilment of a mandatory federal requirement, it is important that workers in construction understand the hazards associated with work on a high risk site. The white card course teaches workers about the basics of construction site safety and what is required of them.

The Online White Card in WA areas is now easier than ever and more convenient. In fact no matter where in the country you live, the white card gained online is recognised nationally.

Employers who want to enhance safety on their worksite should ensure all workers have completed white card training.

Good safety training is crucial to maintaining a safe work site and the white card course should just be viewed as a mandatory requirement. The course is an opportunity to enhance site safety and positively impact productivity on site, because a safe site is a productive one.

Ensuring that every worker on site has completed white card training is the first step towards safety. The course gives workers that are likely to face construction hazards on a daily basis in this industry, the basic knowledge and skills they need to stay safe. It also teaches them the commonly accepted control measures and best practices for workers to tackle work on a challenging site.

General construction safety training in Australia is also known as The White Card and is a nationally recognised accreditation required for those engaging in work on a construction site or for anyone who must frequently visit construction sites such as building material delivery drivers. Some of the workers that need a white card include builders, contractors, apprentices, roofers, plumbers, landscapers, engineers, deliver drivers etc.

During the course students will learn about the most common hazards associated with construction work. It will also cover the best practice methods used to address these hazards and what the law says about workplace health and safety.

Once you have completed the course, entirely online with a short telephone assessment, you send us your documents and we will send you the white card in the mail. The White Card is a credit card sized identification card required as proof of having completed construction induction training.

People that plan on working in construction must first complete the course and obtain the white card as proof before employers consider them for work.

The course is titled “Work Safely in the Construction Industry (CPCCOHS1001A)” and aims to familiarise students entering the construction industry with the basic knowledge of OHS laws, the common hazards and risks they are likely to come across on construction sites. It also gives them an idea of how these risks should be managed.

Most people choose the online white card because it is a more flexible way of learning than traditional face-to-face training in a classroom environment. It is also more affordable and can be completed in a fraction of the amount of time as other courses.

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