Tips On How To Find And Hire Good Barristers

Finding and choosing a barrister is a process influenced by a number of factors. Choosing the right legal representation from a barrister will require you to choose one with the right qualifications that suit your needs. However, such a choice can only be made after finding a suitable barrister.

Barristers have a higher legal qualification in comparison to other lawyers within the common law jurisdictions. Their area of profession is in the upper level of the courts specializing mostly in courtroom litigation and advocacy though they do offer mediation services. As such, hiring a barrister gives you better chances of winning your case than when getting legal representation from a solicitor.

While finding a barrister may not be a straightforward affair, it is not impossible. Here are two avenues through which to find good barristers.

Enquire From Solicitors

Solicitors tend to have more direct access to various clients and are often the go-between when clients seek the services of barristers. And while these advocates are rarely hired by clients directly, there are instances that this does happen; however, this is often in situations where the barristers are dealing with former clients. In most cases, the easiest way to finding good representation from a barrister is via a solicitor. The solicitor will cover much of transactional aspects of the case before passing it to the barrister.

Checking The Directories

The bar association has several directions and other online public access services for citizens to use as resources for finding legal representation. For instance, the bar directory is a resource tool widely used in the legal profession and in which different barristers at various professional levels are listed.

The Mediation directory is yet another resource which offers a chance to find a barrister to assist in resolving disputes and other such cases. Another excellent option is the recently launched Direct Access Portal. The site is a portal that provides details of various qualified barristers who have paid the Bar Representation Fee and accept direct interaction from clients without requiring them to first pass through a solicitor.

Many experienced barristers are featured in the news – either as defence for their clients or in discussions on specific areas of law, such as this article by Michael Wolkind about DNA evidence.

What To Consider When Looking For Good Barristers

It is important to conduct the search under certain parameters to ensure that you hire the right legal representation. Unlike solicitors, the jurisdiction where the barristers practice is regulated by the bar thus making their areas of profession very specific. As such, you should search for a barrister with experience and the right expertise that suits your case and needs. Also, consider other issues such as the advocate’s reputation and level of client service as well as the rate the barrister charges for the legal representation service.

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