Top 10 White Hat Seo Techniques

White Hat SEO means optimization strategies and techniques that are more focused on the users, as compared to search engines Webopedia. White SEO strategies take note of the guidelines, policies and rules set by search engines and follow them properly. If a website is optimized so that it would rank high in search engine results, but it also focuses on relevant topics and organic ranking, then that website is surely using White Hat SEO techniques Digital Marketing Company.

Meta Titles And Meta Descriptions

When the Google bots crawl a website, the first thing that they see are the meta titles and meta description Neil Patel. Meta title means not labeling the main page as Home, but something unique that would tell a search engine what a website is about. For example, if the website is about a local business of tyres, then it should read something like Florida Local Tyre Shop.

Meta descriptions, even though they are not necessary, tell a user why he should click on your link, and not other websites link. A meta description would give a short summary of what is on the page, or it could be the start of an interesting line from an article, appealing to the user.

User Friendly URLs

When an SEO expert finds keywords for a business, which could be effective in promoting a website, then these keywords should also be used in the websites URL. The URL should be user friendly, as in it should be easier for the user to remember, even if he doesnt bookmark the page Alejandro Rioja. The URL should contain the nature of the business, or the name of a product; for example, would be an ideal URL, as it tells the user what the webpage contains and is easier to remember too.

Use Of HTML Headers

There are three types of HTML headers; H1, H2 and H3. H1 tags are mainly used for the main headline of the subject of the webpage Backlinko. Google and other search engines value this H1 tag and if it is not present on a webpage, and then it will confuse the search engines.

The H2 tags are for sub-subject, like the name of a service that a brand provides, and it is also where brands should put their main keywords Bloggers Passion.

H3 tags, on the other hand, are used for sub-topics, and they are not as important as the first two tags. They are not necessary, but they tell the user and the search engine bots again, what a website is about.

Speed Of The Website

When SEO copywriters post SEO content like articles, videos and pictures, they wont be effective unless until the speed of the website is good. If the website doesnt load and is very slow to show images to the user, then the user experience wont be good at all. To improve the speed of a website, an SEO expert should upgrade the hosting of the website, compress the images so that they dont take much space and data, reduce the number of images on a webpage and use CDN. CDN stands fro content delivery network, and is mainly used for the purpose of speeding up websites, particularly those that are accessed from all around the world.

Creating Links

One of the best white hat SEO strategies is to create valuable links for the users. When a user visits a website, reads an article and then is linked to other useful website, their appreciation for the host website grows. Creating links to a webpage also increases the authority of that page. If another website is linking back to the host website, then Google would find that link more credible, and would give it a good ranking.

SEO experts should make sure that both internal and external links are credible and not broken Quora. The links dont take the user to valuable content, but spam content, ridden with keywords, then both websites are going to lose their credibility and get a bad rating.

Optimizing Images

Images are found in every website, because they can attract the attention of users. This is why, image optimization is necessary, because it helps in the advancement or ranking. Images should be clear and compressed, so that the speed of a page loading doesnt slow down. The image should have a proper file name, so that the user and the search engines know what the image is about.

Sitemap Of The Website

A website should have a sitemap, which can be sent to Googles Search Console. A site map would tell Google what the site is all about, and it will help Google index the website quickly. However, if a website doesnt have a site map, then it will take Google some time to figure it out and then, index it.

Relevant Content

The basic difference between white hat and black hat technique is the content used. Websites which use black hat techniques, they rely on content that is ridden with keywords and will be easy to find websites using white hat techniques use content that uses keywords, is valuable, informative and is of quality.

Quality Writing

Most SEO experts hire SEO content writers, so that they can post quality content on the website, that is not ridden with spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences and bad grammarclick on the video. If the user cant read content properly, then what is the point of writing it?

Making Social Shares Possible

The content that is shared on social media websites gets more attention, which is why a website should make it possible for users to share its content on social media websites. Whether it is a video or an image, the website should see to it that it can be shared on Instagram and Twitter. This would give more boosts to their content and ranking.

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