Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Incorporating direct mail in your marketing campaign may require you to defend your business regularly. Youll most likely defend it from those who say that direct mail marketing is already dead, or that they dont want to purchase your products through mail.

Undeniably, technology changed the way an entrepreneur markets his business. However, keep in mind that direct mail is not entirely useless. In fact, the technology nowadays further enhanced the power of direct mail to attract attention. Its still powerful when it comes to generating leads, encouraging your target audience to visit your website, or persuading them to buy from you.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider using this offline marketing technique to make your business survive in the competitive business industry:

1. Higher guarantee of reaching your target audience With direct mail, youre using the actual mailing addresses of your target audience. This means that there is a hundred percent guarantee that the mail will reach them. This does not always happen with emails. Some people have several e-mail addresses. Youll never know which one of these theyll check regularly. Direct mail, however, will reach their specific address. Theres also a lower chance they will ignore it, since its right at their doorstep.

2. Easy to customize Its easier to attract someones attention if they see their name on it. Direct mail marketing allows you to do just that by personalizing each piece of mail. Make sure to put the actual name of the recipient on the mail. While its true that youll need to spend more by personalizing each mail, youll eventually get it back once you earn new sales and generate new customers. Note that people are more likely respond positively to personalized ads than to the generic ones sent through e-mail.

3. Less competition If you think of all the ads that you see on TV, hear on radio, pop up online, or that are delivered through your e-mail box, youll instantly notice how tough the competition is online. Think about how many ads will compete against yours if you choose to advertise through these media only. Now, think of direct mail marketing. In comparison to other forms of marketing, the number of direct mails people receive each day is lower. This means that this approach has less competition, so its easier for you to get noticed.

4. Promotes trust and loyalty The advancement in technology also comes with it a rising concern for privacy. People are concerned about getting hacked, or about their identity getting stolen. This is the main reason why many are doubtful about the validity of electronic communication. Scams are also increasing in number, so e-mails will often be ignored.

This is never the case with direct mail. With this offline marketing technique, you get the chance to attach anything you want without causing alarm to the recipient. For instance, you may include a freebie in the mail. The recipient will most likely see it as an added bonus, instead of a source of alarm. That said, expect the public to trust direct mail more than a suspicious e-mail.

With these four reasons, youll no longer constantly ask yourself Why use direct mail marketing. With this marketing approach, it will be easier for you to tap your target audience and make the most of your marketing campaign.

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