Guide To Choosing The Best Walking Billboards

Nowadays, businesses are coming up with more and more ways to market their products and services to the public. However, one of the most interesting techniques in promoting your business is with the use of walking billboards. These are professionals who specialize in incorporating their skills whether it is dancing, gymnastics, or performing funny skits to keep people engaged and drive traffic to your store. Just be sure to know how to find the right one for your business, so you can get maximum profits along the way.

1. Hire walking billboards or sign spinners who know the right techniques.

While it may be fun to watch someone who does some crazy gymnastics on the road, you do not want your human billboard to perform rapid and over-the-top sign twirling that makes it very difficult for potential customers to read what the sign says. The idea is for these professionals to hold the sign up in a way that pedestrians and even drivers can read it well. Most importantly, the arrow must be pointed towards your store or restaurant to further direct the crowd to it.

2. Go for a strong and straightforward call-to-action for quick results.

Do you want people to instantly make a decision and go to your store instead of the competition just right next to it? If so, then you need to use signs that have a powerful call-to-action, and people won’t ever have to think twice. Ideally, you want to focus on motorists who are just driving around, looking for a place to eat or buy furniture. These people tend to be impulse buyers whom you can easily hook to make a purchase in your store. Use a succinct message carried by a talented human billboard who can make these people stop, pull over and head off to your business without any second thoughts.

3. Look for credentials.

A company known to offer top-notch sign spinners and custom-designed signs is your best bet when it comes to boosting your marketing campaigns. Go with an expert in this field, specifically one that offers full-service marketing campaigns that you need. Just be sure their sign spinners are insured, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the legal aspects of hiring these people for your business marketing needs.

There you have it just some things to think about before you hire walking billboards. By keeping all of these in mind, you can have a good shot at finding the right sign spinners to increase your conversion rate and sales.

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