Seo Rules For Dominating Online Search Results

Understanding search engine optimization can take some time. Google algorithms and hundreds of rules can be quite confusing. To stay ahead, you need to put in some great effort and deliver real value. Most of the business owners are trying to get profits using different strategies of SEO. Some are using keywords for their benefits while others are turning to paid ads. There is no doubt about the paid ads being good. If you use ads on Face book, Google or YouTube, you can make a lot of money in no time as customers will run to get their required services from you. At the same time, some people might think it’s a waste of time investing their money to get such services. Usually, people are in search of something free of any cost, so to tempt these people why not offer something for free? But the real question is what exactly the rules for crushing the ongoing intense competition are? How is it possible to dominate Google and other prominent search engines? Before you start practicing the rules and strategies of seo, you have to understand the detail about the three pillars of it.

The three-pillars of SEO –

If we look at the history of Google algorithms, something called PageRank comes into the picture, basically Google is built on this algorithm, and it cleared the web moving from one link to the other. In today’s time, it’s not just about the links, but you have to understand the technical aspect of the three pillars in detail.


The quality and volume of the links created by a website refer to its authority. The more links a website has the more juice will be able to pass through it. You can also use some special tools like Mozbar or SEMRush, to strengthen the process.


The content of a website needs to be of exceptional quality if it has to get a higher rank. Low quality or plagiarized content is no more working. It should be engaging and informative enough to hold the interest of the user; otherwise, your website will lag, resulting in low profits.

Index age

The third pillar is referring to the indexed age. It is the date on which Google discovered your website and its content.

Rules for SEO

If you want to dominate the search engine results, then follow these simple rules given below.

Access your page

You can use page speed insights provided by Google to improve the performance of your domain. When the speed of your site’s page is developed, it will increase the visibility too. By eliminating the render-blocking CSS and javascript from the fold of your website it can improve the speed by two folds.

Use a CDN or DNS

Using content-delivery networks like CloudFront provided by Amazon will quickly deliver your content by spreading it through multiple servers so different users can access it. If you move your CDN to a DNS network, it will bring further positive results.

Build useful content

Uploading useful and engaging content on your website can increase its traffic and can provide you with much higher profits. Try to write a content which at least covers 2,000 words, giving relevant sources to back your data can be fruitful. If possible, include some popular keywords, headlines and pictures.

Increase mobile responsiveness

Nowadays, people prefer browsing on the mobile and give less importance to desktop browsing. If your site is correctly optimized for mobile, it’s even better. Make sure that your website is accessible across every possible platform using bootstrap.

Enhanced user experience

Users like to visit such websites which are easy to use and understand. Design your website in such a way which can be user-friendly, and they get the relevant information quickly. Avoid too many irritating pop-ups or being over graphic and make your users visit a pleasant experience.

Improve the visual value of your website

Design your website in such a way which can appeal to users of all ages. Google detects the time spent by each user on your website. It also analyses the performance of your site from time to time, so a right way is to improve your content by supplementing it with a variety of things, e.g. audio, videos and podcasts.

Keyword diversity

Latent-Semantic Indexing is widely used by Google to understand what kind of content audiences are rooting for giving less importance to the keywords used. Ideally, you should create a content which is organic and not stuffed with keywords.

Create relevant links

You should be able to create related outbound links into your content so that people can find and understand it easily. It’s wise to develop at least two to three outbound links for every bit of content you are creating increasing the visibility among online users efficiently.

Quality over quantity links

The quality of the links is a must while you are creating them for your content. The Quantity will not do any good, so do not waste your time. Create your links naturally and organically giving preference to high-quality domains. If you keep this as your goal, you will surely reach greater heights.

Do not overuse ads

Its always better to be conscious of how much ads you are using above the fold. The header should not be unnecessarily filled up with ads which not only hinder the users but also lower the quality of their browsing experience. Moreover, Google too disapproves of this idea. Too many ads can also affect the speed of your website.

Do not do anything shady

Indulging in shady or sneaky activities can bring a bad name to your website. You should focus on adding value to your content rather than redirecting users or tricking search engines. If you seriously want to succeed in the seo community, win the trust of Google and online users and stay away from any such tactics.

Influencers for marketing

You can always get help from influencers who have extensive knowledge regarding the marketing techniques. Get in touch through social networking sites, and they will help you reach a wider audience.

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