Why Use Direct Mail Marketing

Its interesting to ask, Is direct mail marketing still effective? There are easy online marketing channels like social media, video marketing and email marketing that dominate the marketplace. Yet, some people insist they get better results from using direct mail. Why do they stick to this marketing tool? Experts give us answers.

Chance to Be Personal

Not just a few look forward to what they get in their mailbox each day, and sorting mail to check if theres anything worth reading. They can be the right people to whom you send your special offers.

Remember the possibility that they too might be the personal type. Address them by name and talk about things important to them, like their business or personal achievements they have attained in their private lives.

With email, you cannot do the same. You cant be personal. What people do is send thousands of emails to people they dont know. The goal is just to send the mail to as many recipients as possible. The problem is, people are tired of reading email. Most email just gets deleted from the inbox without being read.

Target the Right People

There are two important variables with direct mail the people to target and the items that you are offering. You should target the message only to people who are most likely to respond to your offers, to prevent yourself from wasting money and increase your response rating.

You can refine your campaign as you go along. Dissect your database as frequently as you can, and send targeted messages only to prospects with particular profiles and buying habits. Once a certain set of customer characteristics/profile has been identified, you can easily decide on the kind of mailing list to buy the next time around.

Easy Accounting

Direct mail marketing allows easy tracking of results. This is very important for people who need to assess campaign performance immediately.

How many of your targeted audience responded to your campaign? Check the number of free coupons used, the visits made to your landing pages, or generated inquiries. You can easily see what part of your campaign is working and whether or not modifications need to be implemented.

Ability to Reach the Rich

The lasting power of direct mail is related to two often ignored social phenomena. The first one is, that its by sending them mail that affluent males can be easily reached. It has been shown that this segment of society read direct mail more than they read electronic mail.

The second phenomenon concerns the crowd of people who are over 50. This crowd is huge and growing. The thing is, they are more financially stable than younger people and they are satisfied to deal with businessmen either in print or through the Internet.

Direct Mail Marketing Is Not Going Away

Online marketing is a huge force and its growing, but direct mail is here to stay. Thousands of offers through catalogues, brochures and letters are sent to individuals each year. The industry is selling products and services worth billions of dollars through direct mail. Its obvious this traditional device cant just be ignored and forgotten.

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